Our Church

Elim Gospel Church (EGC) is an inter-denominational Full Gospel Church located in Lima, New York. Families and individuals from all around the Rochester area attend our church, some coming from over 30 miles away. Over 800 people attend each Sunday, including a significant number of faculty and students from the nearby Elim Bible Institute.

Our Heritage

Elim Gospel Church was established in 1988 by Pastor Mike Cavanaugh as a community church with a vision to reach Livingston, Monroe and Ontario counties with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The birth of Elim Gospel Church is genetically related to the birth and vision of Elim Bible Institute and Elim Fellowship (a support organization for over 800 pastors and missionaries). In 2008, Pastor Joshua Finley became the Lead Pastor after serving since 2004 as the Generations Pastor. A hunger for revival and a desire to impact and relate to the whole Church and whole world are deeply ingrained in the fabric of what we call Elim.

Our relationship with Elim Fellowship and Elim Bible Institute gives us the opportunity to influence Christian leaders of the present and future. Part of our unique destiny is our calling to be an example and model that Elim-related churches everywhere can look to and Elim students can learn from. Because of this, we diligently work to be on the cutting edge of God’s Word to local churches so that we can be the example that God has called us to be.

What We Believe

Download our Statement of Faith to learn more about what we know the Bible to say about God, His Word and our mission in life for Him.